A Snow Retention System on Your Durango, CO, Home Can Protect Your Family, Pets, and Property

Snow Retention Durango COIf you live in the Durango, Colorado, area, you know all about snow-covered rooftops. One thing you might not know, however, is what it feels like to get pummeled with a load of snow as it slides off the roof. Not fun. The sudden and unexpected release of snow from a roof can be dramatic and even downright frightening. Not to mention, a rooftop avalanche can injure people and pets who are in the wrong place at the wrong time and can even cause considerable damage to your house or property. A properly installed snow retention system can dramatically reduce the risks associated with rooftop avalanches. As the area’s leader in roofline solutions, Southwest Water & Ice Solutions is proud to install the ColorGard® snow retention system from trusted manufacturer S-5.

Fortify Your Home Against Rooftop Avalanches

When it comes to snow guards, snow fences, snow breaks, snow stops, snow bars—you name it—the S-5 ColorGard® takes the cake. Over the years, we’ve worked with many different kinds of snow retention systems and have seen them all in action, so you can believe us when we say that ColorGard® is a truly superior product. This system is manufactured from mill-finished, aircraft-quality aluminum, making it incredibly durable and able to handle even the heaviest snow loads. It’s also the only snow retention system that is designed and engineered on a site-specific basis, ensuring that your home has the proper amount of protection in all the right places.

Custom-Crafted to Provide a Discrete Appearance

We can coordinate the S-5 ColorGard® snow retention system to match the color of your roof, thereby minimizing the visual impact from the ground. And, while some snow retention systems on the market tend to yellow or fade over time due to prolonged sunlight exposure, the S-5 ColorGard® will retain its color, so as not to detract from your home’s appearance.

Your Trusted Source for Roofline Solutions

When you partner with us to have a snow retention system installed, you can count on our highly trained technicians to treat your home with care and respect from start to finish. You can also trust that they will install your snow retention system properly the first time so that it looks great and provides you with many years of reliable protection against rooftop avalanches.

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“From start to finish, every part of our experience with SW Gutters was great! Getting someone out for an estimate was quick and easy, and they were knowledgeable, able to answer all questions and listen to/adjust for our needs with some particulars of our roof/grading. An estimate was made quickly and accurately, as well as a drawn plan, which was helpful to be able to send to the landlord for review. When the gentlemen came by a few days later (everything was accomplished in a week) to put up the gutters, they answered all questions and were, again, very knowledgeable and friendly. I wanted to wait until we got our first good rain to leave a review, and am pleased to say every downspout was happily spitting out water just where we wanted it (have a specific grade we’re working with around the house). Great to work with this company and I would absolutely recommend them! ”

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