Got 10 minutes? Save $150 off your proposal following these 3 easy steps!


In the CompanyCam link you received…

Step 1:

Login into CompanyCam as a guest with the email address provided.  Nothing to download!  (We recommend you do this on your iPhone/Android Phone so you can easily add photos in step 3!)


Step 2:

Review the available overhead view of your home and note the areas where you are having water and ice issues.

Note what problems you are trying to solve, i.e., water in crawl space right of garage, ice damming in valley between the garage and front door, clogged gutters on entire home, or roof avalanches on metal roof over back deck are a just few of the usual suspects!

save 150 step 2

Step 3:

Take pictures of the areas on your home into the CompanyCam link.  Be sure to take the pictures standing back with your feet planted firmly on the ground!

No ladders!  We’ve got that covered!

VERY IMPORTANT! Whenever possible, be sure to capture all the way from the foundation to the top of the roof as we need to be able to determine ladder placement and take roof material and pitch into consideration as we design your custom solution! Plus we love to see those beautiful SW CO skies!

Make some notes right there on the associated photo, see the “Add Note” button once the photo has loaded into CompanyCam!  This will help us know exactly what you are looking for…

We’ll get busy building your estimate (and saving you $150!) and be in touch ASAP!  Don’t worry, if we have questions, we’ll call!  We look forward to connecting soon!

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“We are very pleased with our new gutters and Gutter Helmet®. The estimation process was very easy and fast. We received an estimate quickly after Bob looked at our space. Install happened very soon after we accepted Bob's proposal. Aaron and Hunter, the installers, were fantastic! They were on time, very polite, helpful, efficient, clean and knowledgeable. Highly recommend Southwest Water & Ice Solutions and we are so grateful for a wonderful install team. ”

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