Heat Cable Will Prevent Ice Dams From Forming on the Roof of Your Pagosa Springs, CO, Home

Heat Cable Pagosa Springs COIce dams can be a persistent problem during the winter months, as they can prevent your gutters from doing their job and lead to significant structural damage for your home. If you’re ready to protect your Pagosa Springs, Colorado, home against ice dams and frozen gutters systems, look to Southwest Water & Ice Solutions. We offer an innovative heat cable system that will effectively melt away accumulating ice and snow from your roofline and gutters and preserve your home’s structural integrity. We’ve been providing gutter solutions for local homeowners for decades and take pride in delivering exceptional products and services for our customers.

The Benefits of Heated Gutters

Ice dams often form when snow melts in the daytime sun then refreezes at night as temperatures dip. With our heat cable system installed, your roofline and gutters won’t be affected by the frozen snow runoff. We can install the heat cable along your roofline and in your gutters and downspouts, and since it’s self-regulating, it will only draw energy when heat is needed. We can also install our heat cable in conjunction with our Gutter Helmet® gutter protection system, creating the Helmet Heat® system and eliminating the need for heat cable installation along the roofline.

Give your Pagosa Springs, CO, home the protection it needs. Contact Southwest Water & Ice Solutions today and we’ll schedule a consultation so we can answer your questions and provide an estimate.

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“This is an excellent product with professional installation. The installation team worked over Super bowl weekend and the gutters came out beautiful. We ordered a more modern square gutter with custom downspouts to highlight our Mid-Century house style. The attention to detail is exceptional. I highly recommend this business. Thank you, Southwest Water & Ice Solutions! ”

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