Gutters in Cold Climates – What You Need to Know

Nov 05, 2020

Gutters in Cold Climates Durango CO

Your gutters are a crucial component of your home’s protection system—not only against rainwater but also against snow and ice melt. However, in areas like Southwest Colorado where snow is common and winter temperatures are routinely in the single digits, it’s not enough to have run-of-the-mill gutters installed on your home. You need a gutter system that’s strong enough to handle the added weight of snow and ice. One of the best ways to ensure your gutter system is able to carry this extra weight is by installing heavy-duty gutter guards such as Gutter Helmet® that will add rigidity and reinforce your entire gutter system.

Just Go With the Flow

Ideally, as the snow and ice on your roof melt, the water will flow down into your gutters and be diverted a safe distance away from your home’s foundation. But in cold climates, this melted ice and snow often freezes again once it reaches the gutter trough. This can cause your gutter system to back up as it gets clogged with ice and can even lead to ice dams forming along the edge of your roof. The best way to prevent runoff from refreezing is by having heat cable installed on your roof and inside your gutter system. Helmet Heat® is a cutting-edge heated gutter cap that features Gutter Helmet® gutter guards with heat cable built into them. The Helmet Heat® system is a great option for homes in colder climates as it offers a triple benefit: It strengthens your gutter system, keeps debris out of your gutters, and reduces the refreezing of runoff so that this water can be carried away from your home.

Do I Really Need Gutters On My Home?

If you live in a cold climate and you don’t have a gutter system on your house, you’re setting yourself up for a world of problems that could otherwise be easily avoided. Without a gutter system, as the snow and ice on your roof melt, the water will run down your fascia and siding, and saturate the ground on which your house sits. As this water goes through cycles of freezing and thawing in the ground, it can damage your foundation, causing cracks to form and potentially allowing water to seep inside your basement or crawlspace. This, in turn, can lead to water damage, rot, mold and mildew formation, and many other issues that could have been avoided had your home been equipped with a proper gutter system.

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