Are Gutters Really Necessary?

Oct 02, 2020

Are Gutters Really NecessaryIf you’re like most homeowners in Southwest Colorado, you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about your gutters. And if you do, you might find yourself wondering whether or not you even need gutters on your home in the first place. After all, they just collect leaves, pine needles, and other debris that turns to muck when it rains. Plus they always end up getting clogged, and then rainwater spills over the edge, and maybe some sections of the gutter trough have even started to pull away from the roofline, becoming an eyesore. You ask yourself: Are these gutters even necessary? My home would look so much better without them.

Not So Fast…

Before you go yanking the gutters off your home in a fit of frustration, we’d like to make a few counterpoints. First, just because your gutters have been giving you grief, that doesn’t mean you can afford to go without them. And, secondly, if the gutters that are on your home right now aren’t working out for you, maybe that means you don’t have the right kind of gutters installed.

All Gunk, No Glory

When it comes to home exteriors, roofing and siding seem to get all the attention while gutters sit humbly in the background. But the truth is, gutters are actually the unsung hero of the home’s protection system against water infiltration at the roofline and foundation. They do the crucial yet often thankless job of carrying rainwater and snowmelt away from the home, moisture that otherwise might cause damage to the roof, siding, soffit, fascia, landscaping, foundation—or worst of all—find its way inside the home.

Don’t End Up in Deep Water

The average snowfall in the U.S. is about 30 inches per year, but here in Southwestern Colorado, we average over 70 inches per year. When the afternoon sun comes out in the winter, the snow on your roof begins to melt. And if you don’t have a gutter system, all of that water is going to splash on your siding and pool around your foundation. The same thing will happen every time it rains. So, rather than let this moisture damage your home’s exterior, erode your landscaping, and work its way into your basement, do yourself a favor and invest in a gutter system that does what it’s supposed to do—carry the water away from your home.

Roofline Solutions for Southwest Colorado Residents

Here at Southwest Water & Ice Solutions, we specialize in roofline solutions that are specifically designed to withstand the harsh weather that Southwest Colorado experiences. We install heavy-duty seamless gutters equipped with Gutter Helmet®—an innovative gutter protection system that uses surface tension to draw water into the gutter trough while keeping leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other debris out. Not only will Gutter Helmet® prevent clogs and spare you from having to clean your gutters, but it will also reinforce your gutter system so that it can better withstand the weight of snow, ice, and heavy rainfall. And, for those who want the whole nine yards, we can also install heat cables within your gutters or along your roof to help melt snow and ice even faster, preventing ice dams and further reducing the threat this added weight and moisture poses to your home.

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