Essential Ice Dam Prevention for Homes Throughout Durango, CO

Snow and ice extending over the rooflineWhen it comes to protecting the roof of your home in the Durango, Colorado, area, the most important issue to worry about is ice. Nothing good can happen when ice dams form on your roof, as they’re eventually going to melt, and the odds are that the water is going to cause structural damage to your home. However, when you partner with Southwest Water & Ice Solutions, we’ll provide the ice dam prevention services needed to ensure that your home will be protected against this common issue. We’re the area’s leader in water, snow, and ice management, and we’re ready to put our decades of experience to work for you.

An Effective Ice Dam Solution

Ice dams form when the snow blanketing your roof melts in the afternoon sun, runs toward your roofline, and freezes again when temperatures drop. This can render your gutter system useless as more and more ice forms on your roof. Our solution involves the use of heat cable, which can be installed inside your gutters and along your roofline to provide reliable ice dam prevention. This self-regulating system only activates when it’s needed, melting away snow and ice and allowing your gutters to do the job they were designed for. When heat cable is incorporated with our popular Gutter Helmet® gutter guards, the result is the Helmet Heat® system, which protects the cables from the elements and curious animals and is backed by an industry-leading seven-year-warranty.

Ensure Your Home Is Protected

If you’re interested in learning more about the ice dam prevention services we offer, contact Southwest Water & Ice Solutions today and we’ll schedule a time to visit your Durango, CO, home to provide a no-obligation consultation.

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“From start to finish, every part of our experience with SW Gutters was great! Getting someone out for an estimate was quick and easy, and they were knowledgeable, able to answer all questions and listen to/adjust for our needs with some particulars of our roof/grading. An estimate was made quickly and accurately, as well as a drawn plan, which was helpful to be able to send to the landlord for review. When the gentlemen came by a few days later (everything was accomplished in a week) to put up the gutters, they answered all questions and were, again, very knowledgeable and friendly. I wanted to wait until we got our first good rain to leave a review, and am pleased to say every downspout was happily spitting out water just where we wanted it (have a specific grade we’re working with around the house). Great to work with this company and I would absolutely recommend them! ”

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