Common Ice & Water Issues We Solve

Gutter Helmet doing its jobAt Southwest Water and Ice Solutions (SWIS), our goal is to ensure that every home in Durango and throughout Southwest Colorado is protected against the damage and havoc that unchecked water and ice can cause. Our mitigation services utilize a combination of products to ensure that your home won’t fall victim to common ice and water issues throughout the year. We have decades of experience and offer some of the top products on the market, and we’d be happy to tailor a solution for the specific issues you’re dealing with at your home.

Offering Long-Term Protection for Your Home

When you partner with SWIS, we can help prevent a variety of potential problems, including:

Gutter Clogs

Your gutters won’t be able to function properly if they’re stopped up by pine needles or animal nests. We install the Gutter Helmet® system, which not only prevents unwanted debris from entering your gutters but also makes your gutter system stronger so it can heavy snow loads.

Ice Dams

We can install a self-regulating heat cable along your roofline to help prevent the formation of ice dams during the winter freeze/thaw cycle. We can also install the heat cable under Gutter Helmet to create the Helmet Heat® system, which prevents ice from forming in your gutters and downspouts.

Roof Avalanches

We offer the durable S-5 ColorGard® snow retention system that can dramatically reduce the chances of a rooftop avalanche from occurring.

Water Damage

We offer seamless K-style and box gutters that can handle more water in an hour than your home will likely see in a year. You can choose from a variety of colors, and we’ll fabricate your gutters on site to ensure a perfect fit.

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“We are very pleased with our new gutters and Gutter Helmet®. The estimation process was very easy and fast. We received an estimate quickly after Bob looked at our space. Install happened very soon after we accepted Bob's proposal. Aaron and Hunter, the installers, were fantastic! They were on time, very polite, helpful, efficient, clean and knowledgeable. Highly recommend Southwest Water & Ice Solutions and we are so grateful for a wonderful install team. ”

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